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About Us

Since its inception in 1992, Kekirawa English Academy which endeavors with remarkable success to provide a comprehensive, three-month full-time English course and short-term courses developed to provide students with the fundamental tools requisite for communicating in English. Our humble beginnings were defined by a local batch of about 100 English language learners, and 3 staff members. Since then, we have flourished. As our numbers continually propagate, so does our cache of resolute personnel to lead students to their highest potentials. Our undisrupted growth can be attributed to our steadfast enthusiasm, dedication, and utilization of a measurable data methodology.

Student’s personal needs in the classroom are sought after and attended to, empowering our learners to gain confidence in the English medium and thereby bolstering their aplomb when facing everyday challenges. Our instruction is not limited to only spoken English. We also engage students in grammar, reading, writing, and listening exercises all of which reinforce the spoken English talents we foremost foster. We honor the well-being of all our students, quite appreciative of how they, and their families count on us to provide English instruction of practical merit. We operate on a first come first serve basis, and encourage students to register during the designated period. Despite demand, we cannot continually register students who request to join after this set time. Our course is accessible yet challenging. We ask a lot of students, understanding the payoff for hard work here is priceless. Albeit a rare occurrence, please note that students who cannot manage general spoken English after the course has ended, may enroll as many times as it takes, free of charge, until they pass the program with the intrinsic assurance necessary to utilize their English outside of the academy. Our grounds were purposefully constructed to meet the needs of a growing student population.

We conduct our classes on spacious floors, surrounded by 200 meters of family-run hostels where our students eat, bathe, study, rest and assist one another with their academic work. The nutritional needs of our students are handled with deliberate care. Meals are offered at their respective hostels and at our on-site canteen. It goes without saying that unlimited filtered drinking water is easily at hand at all times, as well as plenty of natural light and ventilation. All of this in a familial atmosphere where students are safe and constantly supported. We have expanded our program menu to include a one-month Advanced English Course, a General Arts Qualification course, and a Diploma in English Program. Stay tuned for upcoming details regarding course particulars and start times.

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Higher Diploma

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A/L කඩයිම සාර්තකව ජයගන්න එකතුවෙන්න අප හා එක්වෙන්න.

2024 A/L Timetable

Subject Teacher Class Fees Nugegoda Gampaha
Co. Mathematics Dushyantha Mahabaduge Theory 3000 LKR Saturday 1:30PM - 5PM Tuesday 7AM -10AM
Theory Online 1500 LKR Saturday 1:30PM - 5PM Tuesday 7AM -10AM
Chemistry Charitha Dissanayake Theory 3000 LKR Friday 8AM - 10:30AM Monday 8AM - 10:30AM
Physics Samitha Rathnayake Theory 3000 LKR Saturday 1:30PM - 5PM Tuesday 7AM -10AM
Prasad Siriwardhana Theory 2500 LKR -- Monday 11AM - 2PM
Friday 2PM - 5:30PM
Biology Lahiru Siriwardhana Theory 2500 LKR Tuesday 2PM - 5:30PM Monday 11AM - 2PM
Wednesday 11AM - 2PM
Roshan Wijesinghje Theory -- -- --

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Basthiyan Silva Mawatha, Kekirawa

KEA Hotlines

0776 05 45 98

0715 35 11 00

Land Lines

0252 26 49 24

0252 26 51 88